ONRR e-commerce website goes live

Office of Natural Resources Revenue streamlines reporting with Oracle/PeopleSoft.

Following in the footsteps (OITJ November 2009) of the Minerals Management Service (now Boemre), the US Department of the Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue’s (ONRR) new eCommerce reporting web site went live this month. ONRR has streamlined revenue reporting from Federal and American Indian mineral leases, improving collection of royalties, rents, and production data. ONRR records some 700,000 lines of data every month. Online training is available from the ONRR website. Under the hood, the system uses Ipswitch’s MessageWay for EDI file transfers and a Microsoft .Net framework for web services. The electronic reporting website is an Oracle/PeopleSoft system.

The new system has consolidated ONRR’s editing process and ‘significant’ cost savings have been achieved over the previous contracted out electronic reporting system. Today, around 98% of ONRR reports come through the eCommerce system. More from www.oilit.com/links/1103_25.

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