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Geomodeling Technology’s AttributeStudio 7.0 includes microseismics, hydraulic fracture modeling and well-to-seismic correlation. The company has also announced Sbed 4.1 adding automatic core plug conditioning and direct import of data from Numerical Rocks e-Core pore-scale modeling software—

Meridium’s Tablet Application Framework allows for the rapid development and deployment of mobile, tablet-based applications that now support elements of Rockwell Automation’s Plant Baseline—

Safe Software’s FME 2011 offers ArcGIS users access to cloud data formats from Microsoft and Google along with point cloud datasets—

Barco’s NSL-5521 video wall display targets control room applications with space-saving LCD technology—

Blueback Reservoir’s Project Tracker plug-in for Petrel gives data managers visibility and control of project files across the network—

Ensyte has upgraded its Gastar natural gas management solution with an enhanced Windows GUI. A new version of the oil and gas prospect economics software Prophet has also been released—

ExperTune’s PlantTriage can now share information with maintenance planning and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools via a flexible XML intermediary language—

The 3.2 release of Fugro-Jason’s PowerLog includes a new electrofacies interpretation module—

Landmark is throwing in the towel on Solaris. Future operating systems are Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Windows—

SPT Group ‘s Mepo 3.4 release adds a GUI workflow, new proxy modeling features and improved QA—

Oil Price Information Service has launched the OPIS Retail DataHouse—an online database of current and historical US retail gasoline and diesel prices and margins—

Permedia Research Group’s MPath 4.18 adds ‘genetic tracers’ for visualizing 3D fetch volumes, calculation tools and techniques for deriving pore pressure from 3D seismic data—

The 8.6 release of Seismic Micro-Technology’s Kingdom Suite includes microseismic data integration for unconventional interpretation workflows—

Flare Solutions has included metadata of the SPE’s OnePetro library in its E&P Catalog—

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