Total’s geomodeling integrates Sismage, Skua and Petrel

Geomodeling workstation embeds Paradigm, Schlumberger technology with in-house developments.

Speaking at a the French Petroleum Institute (now IFP Energies Nouvelles) this month Jean-Paul Rolando described how Total is raising its geomodeling game. Geomodeling now underpins the whole E&P workflow, from early stage volumetric estimation and reservoir characterization through development scenario planning to fluid flow modeling and monitoring with input from 4D seismics.

Total uses commercial software from Paradigm, Schlumberger and Halliburton alongside bespoke tools for internal use. Total’s flagship is Sismage, an integrated interpretation platform that is steadily expanding in scope and capabilities. Sismage has been under development for 20 years, leveraging Peter Vail’s research on seismic stratigraphy. Sismage integrates with Paradigm’s Skua and Schlumberger’s Petrel.

Rolando’s ‘workflow of the future’ envisages a single platform that embraces multiple domain skill sets, along with data integration and federating technologies.

In the Q&A, representatives from IFP seized the opportunity to plug their integrated interpretation environment ‘Open Flow’ which includes geomodeling and flow simulation. Rolando wound up the event noting that ‘Proper use of these tools adds significant value to a development—without them you increase the risk of failure.’

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