Driven to distraction—PDO implements IVMS

In-vehicle monitoring system from MiX Telematics. New book investigates driver distraction.

Somewhat counter intuitively, oil and gas workers are most at risk of death or serious injury when driving to work. Shell’s Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) unit is taking action, kitting-out its vehicles with an integrated driver safety solution from MiX Telematics. MiX (formerly marketed as Siemens’ VDO brand) is an in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) that targets safety, reduced costs and compliance with company rules.

PDO MD Raoul Restucci said, ‘I am pleased to report that I am the first employee to have my vehicle installed with this technology. I am now driving knowing that my behavior is monitored with the IVMS and that it will be evaluated by an independent assessor.’ The four year project was executed by MiX Telematics’ Middle East partner FMSi. Other MiX clients include Schlumberger and Chevron. More from

A separate announcement from SAE International covers a new publication, Performance Metrics for Assessing Driver Distraction: The Quest for Improved Road Safety. The 266 page book summarizes the results of the 4th International Driver Metrics Workshop and provides ‘vital information’ for designers of in-vehicle information and communication systems. More from

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