Proficy workflow management for S3’s intelligent control room

GE sees companies ‘scrambling’ to comply with new PHSMA regulations.

Nashua, New Hampshire-based S3 Development Corporation has selected GE’s Proficy work process management solution for incorporation within its intelligent control room management (CRM) package for its natural gas and hazardous liquids customers. The solution will be piloted at three East Coast natural gas utilities, starting in Q1 2011.

The CRM was developed in response to the CRM/Human Factors mandate from the US Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) that imposes new minimum safety standards on gas pipeline operators. PHMSA regulations 49 CFR Parts 192 195 lay down procedural guidelines for access to information, alarm and change management, fatigue mitigation, operator training and more. Deadline for compliance has been brought forward by 18 months and companies must have plans in place by August 2011 with implementation by February 2012.

GE’s Sheila Kester observed ‘Companies are scrambling to determine how to comply with this mandate. The S3 solution takes all parts of the mandate into account, allowing companies to capture events and trigger standard operating procedures. This application plays to the strengths of our Proficy workflow solution and will provide a global framework for risk reduction.’ More from (GE) and (S3).

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