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Fiatech’s iRing TIP, PPDM well identification, Energistics updates and moots DITA documentation.

The Fiatech board has endorsed the ongoing iRING Tools Interfacing Project that sets out to deliver native ISO 15926 and iRING interfaces to key commercial engineering design tools.


The PPDM Well Identification Standards Work Group puts the cost of assessing and updating the vendor neutral, publicly available well numbering standard at around $250,000. The Association is soliciting funds so that the project can be launched and completed in a timely manner.


Energistics has released the following updates to its EnergyML standards. A new (1.4.1) release of WitsML is slotted for publication by March 31, 2011 adding a StimJob object for fracturing reporting, an error model object and ‘tightened’ schemas for better interoperability. A five year roadmap is under development.

ProdML V 2.1 is on track for a Q2 2011 release with wireline formation testing, facility parameters for reporting, improved documentation and enhancements to the shared asset model (SAM). SAM provides generic services to maintain a hierarchical organization of assets and XML data objects.

Energistics is mooting the deployment of open source Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) for future documentation. DITA offers a flexible approach to documentation that caters to different user needs and preferences. It is adaptable to online browsing, provides graphical navigation of XML layouts and can also serve content in book format. More (on DITA) from

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