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Bull and ‘Cool-IT,’ Kappa on unconventionals, Petrobras joins Reaction Design’s model fuels consortium.

Bull computers is heading up an EU sponsored R&D consortium ‘Cool-IT’ to investigate data center power usage. Current data centers can consume twice as much electricity as is needed to power servers. Cool-IT is looking at new cooling techniques and ‘smart grid’ energy management for global optimization. A 20% energy saving is targeted. More from (in French).


Kappa Engineering has just announced a new consortium focused on the analysis and forecast of production from shale gas and other unconventional resources. The consortium will kick-off on July 1st 2011. More from


Three EU universities (Barcelona, Stuttgart and Versailles-St. Quentin) report on results from the Parallel Programming for Multi-Cores Architectures (Parma) which has resulted in an open source parallel compiler ‘Unite’ for optimizing parallel computer simulation. Unite was used by Recom Services to optimize fossil-fueled power stations and in Bull’s ‘Bull-X’ supercomputer range. More from


Petrobras has joined phase 2 of Reaction Design’s Model Fuels Consortium. MFC II builds on the work of the original Consortium and continues the innovative design work targeting cleaner burning, more efficient transportation engines, power turbines and fuels. MFC started in 2005, addressing engine design challenges such as emission reduction and novel fuels. The consortium develops ‘surrogate’ fuel models and combustion simulation tools for digital modeling of vehicle engines and power generation plants. Petrobras’ Alipio Ferreira Pinto said, ‘Fuel producers must consider a widening product range, from cleaner, high-performance petroleum blends to alternative fuels that vary in quality. The MFC helps by enabling accurate, industry-validated computer models of complex fuels.’ Other consortium members include ConocoPhillips, GE Energy, the French Petroleum Institute (IFP-Energies Nouvelles), Oak Ridge National Lab., Saudi Aramco and several automobile manufacturers. More from

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