XMap/EarthMate combo democratizes oil country field mapping

Eagle Information Mapping tailors Delorme’s handheld GIS/satellite link to pipeline workers.

A Delorme blog posting reports on use of its Earthmate mobile mapping solution and ‘XMap’ GIS in the oil and gas sector by Houston-based Eagle Information Mapping. Eagle has built a ‘lightweight’ application for its clients around the XMap and the Earthmate PN-Series GPS. Eagle VP Tracy Thorleifson noted that many pipeline field technicians were using PN-Series devices in the field, but they were not integrated into enterprise workflows. The device proved popular because of its SPOT satellite communicator that provides a SMS data connectivity and position in areas that are out of cell phone coverage.

Thorliefson sees XMap as a potential replacement for ‘high-cost, complicated, survey-grade GPS units’ for field data collection—particularly because most fieldwork is done at previously surveyed locations. In such circumstances, GPS is just used to locate the facility prior to field data collection. Here, Eagle’s value proposition is to tune XMap Forms to a client’s data collection needs.

High quality data thus captured can then stream into Eagle’s enterprise GIS workflows, leveraging data capture, along with the auditable QA/QC functions that are essential in complying with the new Management of Change (MOC) regulations from federal and state authorities. More from www.oilit.com/links/1101_8 (Delorme) and www.oilit.com/links/1101_9 (Eagle).

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