Halliburton announces DecisionSpace Well Review

First DecisionSpace for Production ‘SmartFlow’ application targets performance analytics.

Halliburton’s Landmark unit has announced ‘Well Review Management,’ a structured environment for well performance analytics, problem solving and reporting. According to the release, identifying underperforming wells is a ‘painstaking’ process, involving large data volumes from disparate systems. Well Review blends data from wells, gathering systems and pumps along with engineering and economic analyses to produce actionable information that can be integrated with budgeting processes. The process starts with candidate recognition, using decline analysis and performance metrics. Next multiple intervention scenarios are evaluated prior to planning and reporting. Well Review provides a collaborative workspace, workflow automation and management by exception.

Work process standardization exposes asset status and performance and assures consistent results through KPIs, and standard methods, opportunity screening and reporting. Well Review is the first of Landmark’s ‘SmartFlow’ applications—workflow solutions that extend the DecisionSpace for Production data and application infrastructure with a ‘rich and interactive’ user interface. DecisionSpace for Production leverages a Microsoft stack of Windows Server, SQL Server and the .NET Framework. Client side applications require Windows 7 or XP. More from www.oilit.com/links/1101_14.

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