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Aveva has launched the instrumentation Business Value Calculator, an interactive tool that calculates the savings achieved through the use of Aveva Instrumentation—

Blue Marble’s Java API for GeoCalc is now in beta—

Emerson’s FloBoss S600+ panel-mount flow computer for hydrocarbon metering handles up to ten simultaneous streams, reducing the ‘cost and complexity’ of fiscal metering. Connectivity includes ultrasonic and Coriolis meters, chromatographs, printers and metering supervisory systems—

Geophysical Insights is launching ‘Insight to Foresight’ clinics led by president, Tom Smith. The clinics consist of a single day engagements introducing the use of unsupervised neural nets for seismic interpretation—

The 4.2 release of INTViewer adds depth indexing of seismic data, 2D/3D display of 2D seismics and well trajectories, on-the-fly volume outline calculation, a new ‘propagation’ pick mode, EPSG codes for coordinate reference systems and a plug-in for displaying Microsoft Bing Maps—

Wellsite Data Solutions’ new Oil & Gas Explorer ‘allows companies and professionals in the E&P sector to remain updated and connected’—

Peloton’s SiteView 4.0 enhances analysis, usability, data auditing and administration. A Site Schematic tool leverages geo-spatial imagery. Data records can be visualized over high resolution imagery and geo-tagged. New Excel templates add pivot tables and graphs to multi-site reporting. A data cleanup tool is available to normalize historical data—

PetrisWINDS DataVera 8.31 adds a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 data store option for projects and results. A connection wizard lets users profile data using verified models and rules—

TerraSpark Geosciences has released Insight Earth 1.5 with improved fault extraction and automated ‘flooding’ of geobodies and improved coordinate conversion and SEG-Y data handling—

SMT has joined Microsoft’s Upstream Reference Architecture Initiative—

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