Going, going, green...

Energy saving at UAE Petroleum Institute, Quorum manages C02, Open Source grid software.

The United Arab Emirates’ Petroleum Institute has selected Verisae’s Sustainability Resource Platform (SRP) energy management package for its campus, hoping to realize a 10% savings in energy consumption. The Institute will initially leverage Verisae’s ‘open’ web-based energy management and analytics solutions. The PI also plans to use Verisae as an educational tool for students. More from www.verisae.com.

Quorum Business Solutions’ Quorum TIPS Gathering now manages CO2 processes for enhanced oil recovery. The package is said to be the ‘only solution’ for life cycle CO2 management, from production, transportation to re-injection or flooding. The application tracks stakeholder entitlements and obligations along with production imbalances. Clients can choose between multiple ‘cashout’ options and complex joint interest billing issues. The enhancements were developed for ‘the world’s largest user of carbon dioxide for EOR.’ More from www.qbsol.com.

Green Energy Corp. has announced the ‘Total Grid’ open source community to ‘foster innovation and collaboration’ in Smart Grid-related software. The open source community will host Smart Grid projects including applications, protocols, and ‘Reef,’ the open source version of the Green Energy’s commercial middleware, GreenBus. More from www.totalgrid.org.

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