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‘Step Change’ spill initiative, helicopter ‘multilateration’ for North Sea, flexible pipe integrity report.

Step Change in Safety,’ the UK’s offshore safety initiative, has committed to a 50% reduction in the number of accidental hydrocarbon releases. Such releases have almost halved since 1997 thanks to workshops, the sharing of best practice on asset integrity and the development of guidance documents. However, progress has stalled in recent years—hence the new initiative to ‘kick-start’ a further downward push on the statistics. More from

A ‘ground-breaking’ (well we hope not literally) helicopter safety system has just gone live in the North Sea, backed by Oil & Gas UK and NATS, the UK’s air navigation service provider. The system claims a ‘world first’ in the operational use of wide area multilateration for tracking flights. Multilateration uses transponders on 16 offshore platforms to track helicopters at a ‘much greater range than radars.’ Helicopters are now visible to air traffic controllers from takeoff to landing.

A new report from Oil & Gas UK encourages the correct use of flexible pipe in the area of subsea and floating oil and gas developments. The SureFlex report, compiled by Wood Group Kenny, comprises updated guidance on flexible pipe integrity assurance and state-of-the-art analysis of pipe integrity technology. The report can be obtained from

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