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POSC/Caesar, Fiatech, NIST, Madagascar, Energistics, Inspire, Joint Research Center.

The POSC Caesar Association and FIATECH have published the business plan for a Joint Operational Reference Data (JORD) project that sets out to leverage the ISO 15926 plant and process data standard’s shared reference data. More from

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is to develop standards for key technologies including cloud computing, emergency communications and energy saving. More from

Jeff Godwin has released a ‘pure-Python’ graphical user interface for the Madagascar open source seismic processing library. More from

Energistics has rolled out the ResqML V 1.0 specifications including a Business Overview, Use Case and Technical Usage Guides. ResqML addresses the transfer of geophysical, geological, and engineering structural data between software applications used in reservoir modeling and simulation. ResqML builds on previous standards WitsML and ProdML, adding storage for cellular data in an attached HDF5 file. More from

The EU open source (geographic) metadata editor (Euosme) creates Inspire-compliant metadata in 22 European languages. Euosme was developed by the Joint Research Centre as part of the EuroGeoss project. The tool, written in Java using the Google Web Toolkit, embeds the Inspire metadata validator service ( and can be downloaded from

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