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OSIsoft, Austin Geomodeling, SPT Group, Blueback Reservoir, Petris, PortVision, Blue Marble Geographics, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, IHS, StreamSim, Badley Earth Sciences.

OSIsoft has announced PI Coresight, a web-based viewer and analytics system for PI System data—1001.

Austin Geomodeling’s Scenario Manager is an interpretation version control tool that lets geoscientists analyze multiple interpretation scenarios simultaneously. GeoSM tracks changes to the model throughout a project’s lifecycle—1002.

SPT Group’s Mepo 4.0 claims to provide ‘rigorous reservoir flow model optimization under uncertainty’ along with enhanced data management and a new ‘3DViz’ visualization module—1003.

Blueback Reservoir has added a seismic reservoir characterization (AVO) module to V11.0 of its Petrel toolbox—1004.

The V9.0 release of Petris’ DataVera promises a 5-10x performance hike, better ETL functionality and usability. Multi-source merge can blend ‘best’ values from diverse sources into a master set. Connectors have been added for Peloton, PODS and P2 Energy Solution’s data sources. V9.0 includes preconfigured models and rules verified by Petris—1005.

PortVision’s new Fleet Management System, extends its AIS-based SmartOps vessel-tracking system. An activity logger installed in the wheelhouse records events and delays, along with invoicing and reporting information—1006.

Blue Marble Geographics has enhanced support for SEG-Y formatted seismic data in the V7.6 release of its geographic Calculator with a more user friendly interface that tags columnar seismic files in the point database—1007.

The V9.0 release of Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies’ SiteCom data server improves on scalability and adds ‘pro-active operational support’ of service company data streams. Discovery Web has been extended with an optional package of new applications for better use of real time operational data—1008.

The 8.7 release of IHS’ ‘Kingdom’ interpretation package enhances direct hydrocarbon indicator analysis on post stack data. EarthPak includes new tools for identification of gas-rich shales as well as resource evaluation with Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis. VuPAK includes new microseismic functionality for frac studies. IHS acquired Kindom’s developer Seismic Micro technology (SMT) earlier this year—1009.

StreamSim’s StudioSL V7.0 offers workflows integration of 3rd party simulators such as Eclipse, improved 3D visualization and remoting of simulation jobs. Production data can be imported from OFM, geoSCOUT and Accumap—1010.

Badleys is planning a new 6.1 release of Trap tester with conversion of TrapTester structural models to Eclipse style corner-point-grids. Geocellular models can be populated with reservoir attributes to generate 3D petrophysical cubes. These can leverage deterministic (Kriging) or stochastic simulators (sequential Gaussian). A ‘totally revamped’ OpenSpirit link permitting cross-platform data transfer and a centralized data manager has been added—1011.

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