IBM surveys energy executives

The future of energy? Oil and gas execs believe world not about to give up on fossil fuel!

A new report from IBM’s global business services unit looks forward to ‘Oil and gas 2030.’ The opinion survey of energy industry executives (63% from oil and gas) finds that ‘despite increasing attention to alternative energy sources, the world ‘can’t forget about oil and gas.’ The biggest challenge will be ‘dealing with technology progress.’ Next comes ‘environmental concerns and government influence’. Executives anticipate an increase in strategic partnering for R&D which will be ‘too complex and expensive for any one company to manage on its own.’ Companies expect to conduct 38% less research in house and 44% less through outsourcing. Inter-company R&D is expected to double.

R&D will be targeted—on ‘supercomputing and sensing data acquisition for 4D seismic processing and reservoir modeling’ (in other words, on what we are doing today!). The study may have reached a different conclusion if 63% of the sample had been, for instance, from, say, ‘air-air’ geothermal technology providers. More from 0901.

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