Report CASTs doubt on software quality

CAST Research Labs report shows Cobol’s strength. Shakier Java code dominates energy & utilities.

The 2011/12 edition of Cast Research Labs ‘CAST’ report on application software health has analyzed code from 745 applications submitted by 160 organizations—a total of 365 million lines of code, a threefold hike from last year’s study. Nearly half the code is Java-EE, with other applications written in .NET, ABAP, COBOL and Oracle Forms. Legacy Cobol applications do best in security while .NET applications ‘received some of the lowest security scores.’ In the ‘energy and utilities’ segment, 65% of code is written in Java , 8% in .NET and none in Cobol. Cobol’s success is attributed to a highly regulated environment.

Java-EE performed less well in performance—receiving significantly lower scores than other languages. Energy and utilities showed one of the lowest (best?) scores for component complexity. Government applications were much higher in complexity than all other verticals. Another finding was that there wan no difference in code quality from in house developed vs. outsourced applications. Another interesting fact is the cost of fixing bad code—estimated at $3.5 per line. More from 0801.

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