Equipment e-business hub greeted with skepticism

Teknisk Ukeblad article indicates that Norwegian EqHub is struggling to achieve critical mass.

An article in the Norwegian magazine Teknisk Ukeblad has cast doubt on the viability of the recently formed EqHub (Oil IT Journal November 2011). EqHub was to streamline the upstream supply chain, standardizing and simplifying the exchange of product documentation. However, EqHub director Ove Ryland told TU that ‘Right now it seems that most industry players are sitting on the fence.’ So far only five of the fifteen targeted operating companies have poneyed-up the entry fee of up to 72,000 NOK per year, depending on turnover.

Statoil’s Ole Anders Skauby told Teknisk Ukeblad, ‘We have not yet decided on membership. We currently have an observer role and recently signed an agreement to purchase services from EqHub on the Gudrun project. This will give us experience with the concept and let us check out the gains in time and quality.’

Aker Solutions’ Terje Simonsen added, ‘We require that suppliers must provide documentation through EqHub but that’s easier said than done. Resistance to change is great and there is skepticism. The fee that vendors must pay to join is an additional barrier. The oil companies at the top of the food chain are the ones that save time and money here. They should be footing the bill initially.’ More from Teknisk Ukeblad (in Norwegian).

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