CPD offers entry-level thermal, dispersion modeling

New stand-alone iResponse tools assist firefighters, emergency planners and hazmat teams.

UK-based Cleveland Process Designs (CPD) has developed a suite of modeling tools to assist fire fighters, hazmat teams, HSE managers and others involved in emergency management. CPD’s ‘iResponse’ emergency management software offers emergency pre-planning, training and response support. CPD is now offering entry-level thermal and dispersion modeling for emergency planning. Emergency and evacuation plans and environmental impacts can be investigated across a range of accident scenarios.

iResponse Thermal models fires in tanks, pools and bunds, incorporating atmospheric inputs such as wind, temperature and providing a display of heat radiation contours. A ‘burn down’ calculator indicates how long it takes for a product to burn itself out.

iResponse Dispersion adds plan and profile views of product dispersion to the atmosphere, providing distances and areal coverage of a release. CPD operations director Ross Coulman said, ‘We have worked with fire and HSE experts to develop iResponse which fills a need for easy to use, stand alone, thermal and dispersion modeling applications.’ Both apps are available ‘for a limited time’ at €160. More from Cleveland.

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