Aspen Search simulation model storage and search for Dupont

New Aspen Plus/Hysys component helps manage corporate simulation knowledge base.

AspenTech has introduced Aspen Search for rapid retrieval of relevant models of plant and process data. Aspen Search is said to help locate the right models and supporting data and to improve collaboration between engineering teams working on process optimization.

Dupont process engineer Kunle Ogunde said, ‘Users of AspenTech’s simulation tools should find Aspen Search useful in getting a head-start on new work by rapid identification and evaluation of existing models. Users can track their own models and package them for access by others. The tool bundles process data, information and domain expertise and ensures that we can re-use this institutional knowledge across the organization.’

Aspen Search helps manage the corporate knowledge asset in the face of a changing workforce. Engineers can leverage simulations from subject matter experts and maintenance and sharing of institutional knowledge is made easier. Aspen Search is available immediately for the latest V7.3 releases of Aspen Hysys and Aspen Plus. More from AspenTech.

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