Remote shutdown device improves ENI production and safety

Net Concentrator provides communications hotline from control room to remote assets.

Moore Industries reported recently on the deployment of its Net Concentrator System (NCS) at ENI Petroleum’s Devil’s Tower platform in the Gulf of Mexico. US government regulations mandate an open line of communications between the control rooms of the platform and drill ships working on submerged pipelines more than 100 km away. ENI also required warning of emergency situations such as a ‘dropped object’ on a subsea pipe. NCS provides a multi-protocol gateway to new and legacy sensors, instruments and control systems that offers computer-based monitoring and supervision. The device can concentrate hundreds of process signals onto a single digital data link such as existing Ethernet cable. Moore integrated the NCS with ENI’s communications system in what is now described as a ‘reliable method for dealing with potential emergency situations that meets new federal regulations and reduces the possibility of false shutdowns.’ The new system is said to be cost-effective and ‘simple enough for control room operators to use with minimal training.’ More from Moore.

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