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POSC/Caesar to cast ISO 15926 in ‘proper’ RDF/OWL. IFLEXX aligns with PIDX. ISO debates IT in standards delivery. OGC announces ‘Gazetteer’ best practices. W3C publishes RDFa Lite. New ISO 19011 standard for management systems audit.

The Norwegian POSC/Caesar Association (PCA) is inviting participation in a project that sets out to cast the ISO 15926 facilities engineering standard in the web ontology language, OWL. The current ISO 15926 reference data library is implemented in the Express data modeling language. A move to RDF/OWL would better align the standard with current ‘semantic web’ data initiatives. Previous RDF mappings of the standard are deemed to have shortcomings and fail to align with ‘commonly recognized methodologies.’ The initiative has backing from PCA, EPIM and DNV. Interested parties should contact PCA on 2001.

At a recent meeting of IFLEXX, the EU data exchange community, members resolved to harmonize IFLEXX 2.0 with the latest release of the API’s PIDX standard for the exchange of commercial data. The agreement will see a gradual merger of the International FiLe EXchange XML protocol and Petroleum Industry Data Exchange standard. IFLEXX is used by 17 petroleum companies, operators and service providers in Germany—2002.

A three day gathering this month saw the International Standards Organization (ISO) debate ‘how IT can make standards development simpler, faster and better.’ Nicolas Fleury, ISO marketing director stated, ‘XML is the key to answer the new challenges ISO has to face in its role as a publisher. That is why ISO Council gave high priority to the implementation of an ISO publishing system based on XML. We have begun the conversion of the entire catalogue of ISO standards to XML format.’ Current standardization processes are perceived as ‘too slow and complex.’ More from 2003.

The Open Geospatial Consortium is inviting public comment on its ‘Gazetteer’ best practices document. The best practice describes the Gazetteer service application profile of the OGC web feature service standard. More from 2004.

The RDF Web Applications Working Group of the W3C has published the first draft for RDFa Lite 1.1 and an updated Working Draft for the RDFa 1.1 Primer. The RDFa Lite addresses criticism of RDFa as having ‘too much functionality.’ The minimalist RDFa Lite provides a jump start into the structured data world—2005.

The new version of ISO 19011 has been expanded to reflect the complexities of auditing multiple management systems. Target systems include quality, environmental, IT services and information security—2006.

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