API University e-learning program gets shot in arm

Training specialist General Physics Corp. to market API HSE and maintenance online courses.

The American Petroleum Institute has engaged General Physics Corporation (GP) to deliver and market API –University (API-U) branded eLearning courses. API-U provides training programs and continuing education for oil and gas professionals and also hosts entry-level courses for individuals interested in working in oil and gas. The courses are fee paying. While they do not offer formal certification or degree qualification, continuing education units are available.

GP already hosts API-U’s 140 online courses. The new marketing deal sets out to give more visibility to the API-U training portfolio. This comprises 66 maintenance-focused courses and 72 standards-based courses covering general industry standards awareness and onshore oil and gas safety.

Jim Parish, senior VP of GP’s oil and gas solutions team said, ‘The technology-intensive demands of the oil and gas industry require a high level of personnel training. The API-U eLearning courses provide learners with the skills to work effectively and safely.’ More from www.oilit.com/links/1111_26  (API) and www.oilit.com/links/1111_27  (GP).

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