Seismic data management system for SQL access to trace data

Westheimer Integrated Seismic Data Solution offers ‘row level’ access to pre and post stack data.

At the recent Society of Exploration Geophysicists conference in San Antonio, Westheimer Energy Consultants introduced its integrated seismic data solution ISDS. ISDS is built around Filetek’s StorHouse (Oil IT Journal December 2001) data store with an ESRI GIS front end, data manipulation tools from Troika and connectivity from OpenSpirit. ISDS hides the complexity of the ‘traditional’ hierarchical storage management approach with fully relational data access to pre and post stack trace data in StorHouse. ISDS also provide security, backup, data collocation and accounting.

For programmers, SQL data access supports single-row retrieval, multiple table joins, sort and other utilities. The system supports direct access across disparate storage devices and is host platform independent—currently available on 64 bit Windows, Linux and Solaris. Troika’s toolset adds tape handling and reformatting across pretty well all known seismic data formats and vintages. OpenSpirit provides connectivity to third party data stores and workstation applications.

Westheimer MD Jeffrey Maskell said, ‘SQL-based row-level access is the seismologists holy grail, offering a level of granularity that will simplify and speed data delivery to processing and interpretation systems.’ The system is claimed to scale to petabytes of data and billions of indexed CDPs. More from

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