Maersk seal of approval for ‘Qemscan’ robot wellsite geologist

Ruggedized version of lithology analysis engine better than the human equivalent.

The natural resources business unit of FEI Company has announced the Qemscan WellSite analysis solution. WellSite, unveiled at the SPE ATCE last month in Denver is a robotic well site geologist that analyzes cuttings and classifies lithologies with, it is claimed, greater accuracy, sensitivity and resolution than the average mudlogger.

FEI VP Paul Scagnetti observed, ‘Mudlogging, a $1billion annual market, is an important development for our traditional laboratory focus. WellSite makes laboratory analytics available for critical, on-site decision making.’

Maersk Oil and Qatar Petroleum have already tested the system successfully on an off-shore jack-up drilling rig. Maersk Oil Qatar MD Lewis Affleck said, ‘Depite a challenging environment on an offshore rig with large temperature variations, humidity and vibrations, the system’s automated analysis and well-defined work flow delivered unbiased, quantitative characterization of drill cuttings in less than an hour from sample collection.’

The system is also undergoing field trials with oil field services provider Geolog under a joint development program. FEI acquired Qemscan back in 2009 from CSIRO spin-out Intellection. More from

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