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PODS looks to merging its pipeline data model with the GTI’s gas distribution model. ExxonMobil releases.NET dev kit for Witsml and Prodml under Apache license. OGP and Barents 2020 announce ISO/TC67 subcommittee on environmental standards for Arctic operations.

The Pipeline Open Data Standard association (PODS) has kicked off a gas distribution model (GDM) work group. The GDM was developed under the auspices of the Gas Technology Institute to assist gas utilities meet distribution integrity management program (DIMP) regulatory requirements. The PODS Board believes that the pipeline industry would be best served by a proven, robust, pipeline data model. The PODS GDM Task Force has outlined a strategy to engage with GTI on incorporating GDM into PODS. The result will be a modularized data model supporting all pipeline assets, from wellhead to burner tip—  (PODS) and  (GTI).

ExxonMobil has placed its.NET dev kit for developers working with Energistics’ Witsml and Prodml in the public domain under an Apache open source license. The Standards DevKit, developed by ExxonMobil Technical Computing Company, offers developers access to Energistics flagship data objects without requiring an in-depth understanding of their ‘extensive’ XML structure. Objects can be manipulated directly in.NET and translated into XML for storage or web-based data transfer. Representing Witsml and Prodml as.NET objects means that developers benefit from the ‘convenience’ provided by Microsoft’s.NET including ‘IntelliSense.’ The DevKit hides details of web service communication with backend servers and provides synchronous and asynchronous methods for Witsml and Prodml web calls. A wrapper for WMLS adds secure password management, and error handling—  Comment—it is nonetheless curious that adding this ‘open source’ front end to Witsml and Prodml restricts their use to Microsoft’s proprietary systems!

The Oil and Gas Producers association OGP is working on a new set of standards addressing the specific environmental conditions associated with cold climate operations. In partnership with Barents 2020, OGP has supported the formation of a new ISO/TC67 Subcommittee (SC8) for Arctic Operations. Topics include working environment standards for cold-climate conditions, escape, evacuation, rescue, and ice management—

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