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The latest version of Baker Hughes’ WellLink real time 3D visualization service, powered by Dynamic Graphics’ CoViz, provides a ‘synopsis’ of the drilling environment. Well data can be viewed in its geological context for real-time wellbore placement and maximum reservoir contact—

Solomon Associates has been awarded a US Patent for its ‘control asset comparative performance analysis system.’ The tool is used in Solomon’s Advanced Process Control Performance Analysis—

 ITTVis’ E3De provides an interactive geospatial software environment for the creation of photorealistic 3D models and feature extraction from LiDAR data—

The 4.1 release of Austin GeoModeling’s Recon flagship includes ‘ReConnect’ a data mining connector for OpenWorks and a new Petrel Plug-in. A new image depth calibrator allows core descriptions, photographs and raster logs to be depth referenced and used in 2-D views—

Schlumberger’s Avocet 2012 now connects directly to simulators such as PipeSim and Oil Field Manager for shortfall root cause analysis. Avocet 2012 was developed using industry standards to support audits, security and regulatory compliance—

CartoPac’s new ‘Jumpstart’ is a rapidly deployable mobile enterprise platform for oil and gas pipeline operators. Jumpstart embeds Esri ArcGIS Server—

dGB Earth Sciences and Geoinfo SRL have released Computer Log Analysis Software (CLAS), an OpendTect plug-in for petrophysical interpretation—

The 6.0 release of OpenIT’s eponymous software usage metering system features a new GUI and end user connectivity from Excel. Users can build Excel dashboards for live data reporting and ad-hoc queries—

Petris claims a 5-10x speedup for its DataVera 9.0 quality toolset, an enhanced merge module and GIS support for data quality mapping in Esri ArcGIS or Google Earth. Connectivity enhancements add support for Peloton’s tools, PODS, PetrisWinds Enterprise and P2 Energy Solution’s data sources—

Rolta’s OneView business intelligence solution for process industries including upstream and downstream oil and gas has achieved SAP Business Objects certification. OneView’s ‘worst actors’ web intelligence report provides information about assets that have shown repetitive failure or have high costs of maintenance. The solution has been deployed at Chevron’s Pascagoula, Mississippi refinery—

Trace International has announced its gifts and hospitality tracking software targeting compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Trace’s package helps determine when a gift becomes a bribe. The software enables member companies to track key information about gifts and hospitality made and received by their employees. Two-way tracking meets the requirements of the FCPA, as well as the new UK Bribery Act, which criminalizes not only the offer or payment of a bribe, but also accepting or agreeing to accept a bribe. Use of the software is free to Trace members—

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