Pemex rolls out pipeline integrity management system

Refining unit’s $1 billion integrity program developed with help from NRG Tech.

Speaking at the Geogathering event earlier this year, Gerardo Chávez described Pemex’ ‘process-centric’ approach to pipeline integrity management. Pemex’ pipeline and facility integrity programs leverage Esri GIS, SQL Server, SharePoint and Pemex’ own risk and integrity applications. Pemex, with help from NRG Tech, developed the ‘process-centric’ approach to manage integrity utilizing cloud-based technology. Company and contractor cross-functional processes are orchestrated to ensure that work is properly executed. The system is part of a five year, $1 billion integrity management program.

The system leverages NRG’s ‘enhanced pipeline risk assessment’ methodology ( which relates risk levels to potential consequences, targeting resources to where they will have most impact. Risk mitigation is the product of integrity management and high consequence area analysis. A mitigation project is initiated in Microsoft SharePoint, with project specific data read in from SAP into the process project folder. A SharePoint list is generated and runs the process.

Chávez recommends developing metrics up front and working on processes ‘as-is.’ It is also a good idea to develop a proof of concept in Excel before deployment. Read Chávez’ paper on and more from Geogathering on

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