Paradigm fleshes out Skua

Paradigm’s 2011 release heralds Skua’s move to centerpiece of upstream workflows.

The 2011 ‘major release’ of Paradigm’s Skua/Gocad geomodeler was unveiled at the SEG in San Antonio last month. Skua now occupies pole position in an Epos-connected constellation of upstream applications including Geolog, SeisEarth, ES 360 (now with added shale gas functionality), economics and well planning with SysDrill.

Skua has now been re-written with a Qt-based GUI and is, like the rest of Paradim’s applications, available on Windows. The re-write also includes a port to the Epos database. Skua has a new objet management approach. All E&P objects—wells, seismics, faults, are shared through the Epos database. It is possible to define usage scenarios and store results in the database. A macro recorder/player allows for re-run and edit of proven workflows. Paradigm also reports significant speedup with its CUDA/GPU-based solver. Ultimately the aim is for Skua to occupy center stage with other apps running as plug-ins.

On a related topic, a debate rages on the LinkedIn Geomodeling Network ( on the merits of different gridding styles and upscaling methods. More from

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