UK demographics study debunks ‘greying’ workforce

2011 UKCS demographics report shows loss of personnel in 30-60 range.

The 2011 UK Continental Shelf Demographics Report from Oil & Gas UK paints a ‘broadly optimistic’ picture of the industry. The average age of the 50,000 offshore workers is steady at around 41. Data collected over a five year period shows a growing number of people under thirty. While the majority of the workforce hails from the UK, the study found an overall total of 130 nationalities represented. There was a decrease in the number of workers in the 30-60 year age range—somewhat debunking the ‘greying workforce’ notion. According to the report, challenges remain in recruitment and retention of experienced workers in the face of strong competition from other offshore regions around the world and from other industrial sectors, including renewables. Download the report from

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