Petrel extends to basin modeling, knowledge management

Functionality expands as Petromod is embedded. New ‘Studio’ adds ‘real’ database functionality.

At last month’s ECIM conference, Petrel’s data management capabilities were on show in a new ‘Studio for Petrel 2011’ offering. Studio now supports Google-like full text search across all Petrel objects. Arbitrary text, links or movies can be attached to a location in a project. Petrel Studio now offers a ‘real’ database with support for large data sets. It has been tested with 250,000 wells and terabytes of seismics. A demo merged data from a couple of online map services, with conversions handled on-the-fly by the new ‘GIS aware’ Petrel. Studio also offers new data selectors—polygons on map and sliders for restricting search to depth ranges.

Petrel’s basin modeling capability was featured at the San Antonio SEG. ‘Petroleum Systems in Petrel’ leverages Petromod functionality to provide ‘first pass’ basin analysis. Interpreters can investigate vitrinite reflectivity and migration pathways. The toolset supports composite mapping of charge, reservoir, play fairways and traps—as a ‘chance of success.’ Petrel is now officially a ‘fully fledged tool for seismic interpretation—be in no doubt.’ If all this isn’t enough you can roll-in plug ins for fault seal analysis and for viewing pre-stack gathers for a holistic investigation from ‘play adequacy to prospect adequacy.’ All you need is that renaissance individual versant in all of the above. More from

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