Reporting Hub—semantic technologies for production

Franz and TopQuadrant provide technology behind ISO 15926-based reporting solution.

Norway’s E&P Information Management association (EPIM), run by a group of Norwegian operators, addresses information flow between member companies and the authorities. Existing EPIM XML-based formats cover license titleholder information, environmental reporting and equipment data exchange. A new service, the EPIM ReportingHub (ERH) has been announced for a variety of drilling and production reports. ERH validates reports against the NPD’s Fact Pages and Posc/Caesar Association’s ISO 15926 reference data library (RDL). The ERH is powered by ‘semantic web’ technology from graph database specialist Franz Inc. and TopQuadrant, a semantic data integration service provider.

TopQuadrant used its ‘TopBraid’ semantic processing platform to integrate with the existing standards. Franz provided its AllegroGraph. The W3C’s Sparql ‘inferencing’ notation (SPIN) also ran. For the meantime, the semantics are all under the EPIM hood. Operators stay with their existing XML reporting schemas and ERH outputs are XML and PDF. Presumably this will change when the rest of the world upgrades to the semantic web’s RDF protocols. More from

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