RAE Systems’ BioHarness. RigMinder deploys MeshGuard

Biometric harness provides real-time status of worker condition including fatigue and falls.

RAE Systems has announced a new portable ‘biometrics harness’ that provides GPS monitoring and real-time visibility of a worker’s physiological status. The BioHarness is a chest-worn strap that incorporates electrocardiogram, breathing rate, temperature, posture and activity sensors for real-time monitoring. Safety officers can track a worker’s bio-readings and remove them from a fatigue situation if deemed necessary.

RAE Systems VP Thomas Negre said, ‘BioHarness allows site commanders to monitor the physiological readings of multiple workers and responders from anywhere around the world. It also allows them to assess and monitor hazardous chemical compounds and make appropriate decisions for rest, extraction and team insertion in real time.’ The harness connects to a base station through a long-range wireless radio.

RAE Systems also recently announced that RigMinder has chosen its ‘MeshGuard’ wireless detection system to protect oil-rig workers from toxic gases. MeshGuard has been integrated with RigMinder’s electronic drill recorder to provide real-time monitoring of up to 24 wireless gas-detection monitors. RigMinder VP Chris Dorris said, ‘MeshGuard easily integrated our EDR system and provides customers with the critical information they need to safely manage oil-rig operations. The standalone wireless solution saved us time and development costs, allowing us to meet our customer’s needs in a timely way.’ The system is currently deployed on four rigs in Venezuela to monitor for hydrogen sulfide and lower explosive limit gases and vapors. MeshGuard outputs data in standard formats including RS-485, Modbus and XML. More from www.oilit.com/links/1110_21.

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