Sonatrach/Anadarko El Merk ‘evergreen’ engineering IM

ABB develops engineering support system leveraging Intergraph GIS and PODS data model.

Writing in the ABB Review Sergio Casati described how ABB has leveraged the Pipleine Open Data Standards (PODS) association’s data model to deliver a geographic information system as a component of a a $650 million engineering contract for a group of companies headed by the Sonatrach-Anadarko association. The project was carried out on the El Merk oil and gas fields located in the Berkine Basin, Algeria. When completed, the fields’ 140 wells will be linked by a system of field pipelines to ten gathering stations and piped to a central processing facility.

To manage the $650 million contract, one of ABB’s largest ever, ABB is developing a GIS system for the entire El Merk project. The Intergraph GIS- based infrastructure management system supports design, build and maintenance of the field, facilities and pipelines and provides all stakeholders with an ‘ever green’ view of project progress. The system calculates construction materiel needs and tracks potential conflicts along pipeline corridors, such as differences in elevation, the angle of dune slopes, and so on. The solution leverages the PODS data model to automate delivery of alignment sheets and other documents. The PODS/GIS combo is proving a major contributor to the success of the El Merk project where several EPCs, subcontractors and thousands of workers are on site at any one time. An estimated 12 months has been shaved from the project schedule thanks to the system. More from

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