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Radwin 2000 for CNOC, Wireless Seismic checks-out. FreeWave FGR for Williams Field Services.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation has deployed the Radwin 2000 high-capacity point-to-point system to connect its corporate offices to off-shore oil platforms. The sub-6 GHz solution provides up to 200 Mbps at ranges of up to 120 km. A CNOC spokesperson said, ‘Our previous VSAT links were too low bandwidth and didn’t satisfy our growing network data service demands.’ More from www.oilit.com/links/1110_29.

Earlier this year, Wireless Seismic contracted with Verif-i, an independent seismic instrumentation auditing company, to evaluate its RT 1000 system with a suite of industry standard tests. The tests included noise, impulse response, distortion, common mode rejection and gain accuracy. Verif-i CTO Chris Woodward concluded, ‘Following the three day test, we are satisfied that the RT 1000 system performs within the published technical specifications.’ Wireless Seismic is backed by Chesapeake and Norway-based VC, Energy Ventures. The full specs are available on www.oilit.com/links/1110_30.

FreeWave Technologies’ latest installations for Williams Field Services include the FGR and FGR2 series for serial communications. Williams is deploying FreeWave’s FGR-CP radios to monitor its cathodic protection system and safeguard its natural gas pipelines and pipe-to-soil test stations. More from www.oilit.com/links/1110_58.

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