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Alliance Geotechnical Services and its Indonesian unit PT Aliansi Lintas Teknologi have received ISO 9001 certification from quality assurance specialist SGS.

Computer Modelling Group has appointed Ryan Schneider VP Marketing—he was previously CTO of Acceleware.

Alan Brunnen and Tove Røskaft now have seats on Aker Solutions’ executive management team and Jesper Ericsson heads-up a new subsea engineering office at Gothenburg, Sweden.

Joe Drinon has been appointed VP Communications with Advanced Visual Systems.

David Blacklaw is the new CEO at Badger Explorer. Current CEO Kjell Erik Drevdal is now executive VP, market development.

Kevin Shaw, formerly with Wellington West has joined Casimir Capital as head of global energy research.

Jorge Machnizh is CEO and Kathy Ashmore is director of marketing with startup Sigma3 Integrated Reservoir. Machnizh was previously with Paradigm and Ashmore with OpenSpirit.

Will Coombs is the inaugural Ikon Science computational geomechanics lecturer at Durham University, UK. Ikon has also announced the move of Henry Morris to VP global corporate development. He is replaced as VP Asia Pacific by David Flett who joins the company from Searcher Seismic. Jacqueline Ming has joined Ikon from CGGVeritas as business development manager.

Yang Zupei, (CNPC) is chairman of the DNV’s new Greater China pipeline technical consultative committee.

Barry Chovanetz has joined East West Petroleum as VP engineering. Chovanetz hails from Hess.

Vickie White is now training and business development manager with Exprodat. She was previously with Esri UK.

Stephan Reimelt is now VP and CEO of GE Energy Germany.

Brian Sweeney is now senior VP global sales at IHS. He was previously with HP.

Jim Ducote has joined Joule Processing as business development consultant.

Beth Sellers is the deputy director of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Sellers was previously with Areva.

The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals has announced the SMRP Library of Knowledge—

Charles Weiss, James Hanson and Carl Miller make up the new energy investment banking team at MM Dillon & Co.

Peter Rourke has joined Midland Valley as software tester.

Rob Cox is to lead the new OGP/IPIECA oil spill response joint industry project.

OTC Global Holdings has appointed Suresh Dongre as CIO. Dongre was previously CIO of Saracen Energy Advisors.

Charles Goodman is president and COO of P2 Energy Solutions. He was previously CEO of Ventyx.

Tim Weller is CFO Executive Director of Petrofac. He succeeds Keith Roberts who is to retire.

Kurt Bettenhausen is senior VP Siemens Corporate Research, the company’s U.S. research and development division.

Samantha Murray is now senior account representative with Petrosys in Houston. She recently joined the company from Deloitte’s Petroleum Services Group.

Brad Wells is now VP inspection services with PinnacleAIS. He was previously with Pro-Inspect Inspection Services.

Jean-Pierre Carsalade is France MENA director with SGI. He was previously with CS -SI.

Phil Brading is now operations manager at Venture Information Management and Simon Cushing is head of professional services. Brading hails from Landmark.

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