IPEGG leg-up for Elfen

Leeds University research unit develops link between geomechanical package and Roxar’s Tempest.

The University of Leeds, UK announces completion of its multidisciplinary Integrated Petroleum Engineering, Geomechanics and Geophysics (IPEGG) research project. IPEGG set out to ‘better integrate’ software and workflows for reservoir engineering. A noteworthy result of IPEGG was the integration of Emerson/Roxar’s Tempest reservoir fluid flow modeling suite with Rockfield Software’s Elfen geomechanical modeling tool.

Elfen is a 2D/3D numerical modeling package for multi purpose finite element and discrete element analysis computation. Elfen was developed in collaboration with the Institute of Numerical Methods in Engineering at the University of Wales Swansea.

Quentin Fisher, professor of petroleum engineering and IPEGG project lead said, ‘We coupled Tempest to Elfen with a message passing interface. This approach makes for better integration and faster simulation workflows than depending on restart files to transfer data between the programs.’ More from www.roxar.com and www.rockfield.co.uk.

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