Subsurface Applications Interoperability Review

New Digital Business JIP addresses subsurface challenge of poor inter-application data flows.

UK-based consultants New Digital Business have announced the Subsurface Applications Interoperability Review (SAIR), a joint industry project that sets out to address the ‘subsurface challenge’ of poor inter-application data flows that hinder interpretation. While most software has considerable data exchange functionality built-in, using it is fraught with problems such as the nitty-gritty of which data exchange format and version is appropriate for a given workflow. This leads to a situation that NDB describes as ‘data atrophy’ and sub-optimal ‘stop/start’ interpretation practices. Reducing the number of applications may help—but this has its limits as today’s subtle traps and fast moving exploration targets require specialized algorithms and tools. NDB believes that software vendors are not in a position to thoroughly test workflows involving third party products.

Enter SAIR, a secure, online knowledge base that contains test information on inter-application data exchange. SAIR highlights cross application I/O deficiencies—particularly as component applications are upgraded with new versions. Users can login and record their own experiences with data exchange or see how other members fared with similar tasks. A matrix of applications and data types shows claimed versus real-world exchange successes. SAIR subscribers currently include Premier Oil, Centrica and Nexen. More from

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