LogRhythm webinar on energy cyber security challenges

Paul Reymann and Caleb Wright on critical asset security and imminent NERC regulatory update.

In a recent webinar titled ‘Cyber-Security Challenges in the Energy Industry’, Reymann Group CEO Paul Reymann and LogRythm’s Caleb Wright provided an update on NERC ‘cyber infrastructure’ for critical assets. Connectivity between today’s SCADA systems and office applications—and soon the ‘smart grid’ is making for an ‘inverted’ security model—i.e. one that is increasingly open to cyber attack (as shown by the StuxNet worm—OilITJ July 2010). The answer is ‘intelligent situational awareness and automated cyber security solutions.

NERC’s CIP V4 will roll out Q4 2010 and targets users of the bulk the electrical system. The general approach and risk evaluations methodology should be of interest to process industry SCADA systems including oil and gas pipelines and plants. Operators have a wealth of raw material in the form of device, system and database logs and audit trails. These are leveraged by Security information and event management (SIEM) specialist LogRythm’s suite of tools for event log management and analysis which provides a combination of alerts, automated aggregation and correlations tools along with visualization, search, trend analysis and data mining. Pre-packaged reports are available for regulatory regimes including NERC CIP. LogRythm clients include the US Department of Energy. More from www.logrythm.com.

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