FLACS explosion modeler linked to SmartPlant

CAD system links to GexCon’s explosion analysis for safety-based engineering and compliance.

Intergraph has interfaced its SmartPlant 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software with GexCon’s FLACS explosion analysis package. SmartPlant’s rules-based design software builds plant safety into the design process, enforcing regulation and engineering standards. FLACS is claimed to be the leading tool for explosion consequence analysis of offshore oil and gas installations.

FLACS was originally developed in a joint industry project involving 10 majors and NOCs at Norway’s Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) unit and was spun-out as GexCon in 1998. The safety management software is used in oil and gas, power and other plants involved in the handling or manufacturing of explosive or flammable materials or pressurized liquids and gases. The tool is used to identify potential risks early in the design phase and to improve safety and prevent costly corrections during construction and operations.

Validating Smart 3D models in FLACS now takes hours instead of months. Users can iterate design options with higher model accuracy to analyze gas dispersion and explosion impacts.

Smart 3D is a component of Intergraph’s Plant Enterprise, a suite of integrated solutions for the design, build and data management of large-scale process, power, marine and offshore projects. A ‘life cycle’ data management approach smoothes handover from EPCs to owner operators and helps the latter maintain, refurbish or modify their plants. More from www.intergraph.com/go/smartsafety.

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