ISO 15926 under OpenPlant hood

Bentley Open Plant claimed as first commercial implementation of Fiatech iRing data framework.

Bentley has released new products in its ‘OpenPlant’ suite, said to be the first commercial implementation of Fiatech’s ISO 15926 Real-Time Interoperable Network Grid a.k.a. the ‘iRing.’ The iRing project (Oil ITJ January 2009) set out to enable real-time interoperability of data and information using the ISO 15926 standard for plant and process industries. The V8i releases of OpenPlant Modeler, ModelServer and Isometrics Manager share the ISO 15926 data foundation.

Bentley Software senior VP Bhupinder Singh said, ‘Last year the iRing prototype showed how interoperability could be achieved with ISO 15926. Leveraging our MicroStation and ProjectWise platforms, OpenPlant enables users to achieve real-time data interoperability.’

User Jeanine Hargis, senior technologist with CH2M HILL added, ‘We recently completed testing the new OpenPlant products. We are a global delivery firm in six key markets, so having data-open software is something we’re looking forward to.’

The next version of Bentley’s PowerPID will also leverage the new data infrastructure and is claimed to be the ‘only commercial software for process and instrumentation diagrams to be based on a completely open data model.’ More from

Comment—Being the ‘only’ toolset to use an ‘open’ data model is not perhaps where the industry wants to be. The interoperability ‘fun’ will only happen when lots of tools use the same model!

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