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Statoil’s jWITSML, Setiri Group’s nWITSML, Petrolink, API, PODS, Energistics, PPDM.

Statoil has released ‘<JWitsml/>,’ a Java WITSML client as open source under the Apache 2.0 license with support for versions 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4—download the SDK from

Setiri Group has published ‘nWitsml,’ a .Net port of the (above) project released under the same open source license. nWitsml is a ‘read-only’ implementation. Setiri is also developing a full-featured client server library as a separate commercial product—

Petrolink has announced a lithology editor for Witsml Connect for capture of cutting and interpreted lithologies into a Witsml Mudlog Object—

The American Petroleum Institute is to provide free online access to key industry safety standards covering refining, offshore drilling, hydraulic fracturing pipeline safety—

The PODS 5.0 ESRI Spatial GeoDatabase has been released following a three-year collaboration between PODS, APDM and ESRI. PODS ESRI Spatial includes long transaction management via GeoDatabase versioning, built-in history management and management of complex geometric networks and topologies—

PODS and Energistics have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to cooperate, and share activities for the benefit of their members and the oil and gas industry at large. PODS and Energistics will identify standards development and deployment activities that appear to be among those suitable for formal or informal joint sponsorship and/or joint member participation. More from and

Deliverables from the PPDM Association’s Well Status and Classification effort have been posted to the test site for review. Finished versions will be available (to members) within a month. Wellbore status and fluid type have been combined in a ‘logical’ standard symbol set available in a raster and vector formats for download. More from

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