Knowledge Ops’ Total Asset Visibility

Rapid Response Institute spinout addresses new safety regulations post Deepwater Horizon.

Houston-based Knowledge Ops has announced a new ‘Total Asset Visibility’ solution targeting emerging offshore drilling operational safety requirements and regulatory compliance. TAV addresses issues raised after the Deepwater Horizon blowout and positions drilling companies for compliance with forthcoming regulations such as the 2010 Blowout Prevention Act. TAV providing certifying decision makers information covering all aspects of the drilling processes including equipment and response criteria. It also helps regain control over the ‘myriad’ spreadsheets used in field operations and certifies that documentation and safety standards are met.

Knowledge Ops expects the legislation, which is modeled on the 2002 Sarbanes Oxley Act, to be passed into law real soon now. CEO Scott Shemwell said, ‘Operators and drilling company partners are facing new challenges, not just in the Gulf of Mexico, but worldwide. Demands for operational excellence come from local communities, regulators and the marketplace.’ TAV also acts as a platform for disaster recovery. Knowledge Ops was formed as a spinout from Monmouth University’s Rapid Response Institute. More from

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