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IDS is now using Energistics’ WITSML drilling data standard to auto-populate daily reporting in its DataNet2 package—

The 2010 edition of OSIsoft’s PI System combines PI’s time-series data archival with asset metadata management in SQL Server, connectivity Microsoft Office, SQL Server, SharePoint and SAP systems—

The 4.5 release of Aveva Net Portal automatically identifies and dynamically indexes relationships between engineering objects and associated documents. The new GUI can be configured as role-specific dashboards to display information on a ‘need-to-know’ basis—

Caesar Systems has upgraded its PetroVR decision support package. Version 8.2 is faster and includes enhancements to its Monte Carlo-based risk management such as a convergence graph to track results across iterations. Other new functions cover EOR and unconventional gas development—

At the FOSS4G conference in Barcelona this month, ESRI released the Open GeoServices REST specification, a standard way for browsers and other web clients to interact with geographic information systems (GIS). Developers can expose a GeoServices API from ArcGIS Server or non-Esri servers or geo-processors. The JSON-based spec is usable in many client-side development environments including JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, and Android—

V3.0 of FaultSeal’s FaultRisk faulted prospect volumetrics calculator now runs on both Windows XP and Mac OS-X. The package is available in workstation, enterprise and hosted. FaultRisk generates Allan Maps, calculates Leak Points and integrates this information with depth area plots to produce distributions of trapped hydrocarbons—

New releases of Foster Finlay Associates’ SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro (both at V2010.2) include an optional ‘Link’ module for OpenSpirit connectivity. Link for OpenSpirit lets users create new projects, transfer volumes to and from third party data stores, and load well bores, well velocity and well picks into their SVI Pro / SEA 3D Pro projects—

GeoMechanics International (GMI) has released GMI PressCheck for pore pressure and fracture gradient prediction. PressCheck includes tools for import, manipulation and combination of log data along with filtering and log calculations. New features include centroid and buoyancy analysis are also included—

Golden Software has announced Strater 2, an entry-level package for well log plotting. Strater comes at the ‘unbeatable’ price of $449—

Iconics has announced Genesis64 V10.5 a new version of its 64-bit HMI/SCADA integration system. Genesis leverages the latest OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) and 64-bit hardware. IT professionals can now integrate real-time SCADA information into a common, web-enabled dashboard. Compatible with Windows 7, the new release offers Silverlight 3.0 support, ‘multi-touch’ connectivity, cover flow, carousel navigation and custom ribbons. Genesis64 is integrated with Microsoft Bing Maps—

Kalido has launched an online data governance maturity benchmarking service, an interactive tool to determine the current state of corporate data governance and offer advice on advancing to the ‘next level.’ Take the test on

The 1.1 release of Leica Geosystems’ Zeno Office, a GPS/GIS suite for mobile workers includes an OEM version of ESRI ArcPad 8 and a ‘one-click’ automated workflow between field and office—

Kappa Engineering’s Emeraude V2.60 has just rolled out with new processing for multi probe production log analysis, new optimization algorithms, a new temperature model and a steam injection design option—

LianDi Clean Technology has received software copyright certificates (Chinese patents) for its stock replenishment, resource scheduling and distribution planning optimizers. The certificates provide 50 years copyright protection—

Meyer & Associates has released the 2010 edition of its hydraulic fracturing software suite with Windows 7 compatibility and support for analyzing the production and economic characteristics of horizontal wells. The company has also embarked on a multi-year project to open and document its file formats. Meyer was acquired by Baker Hughes this month—

Midland Valley has developed a link to Landmark R5000, linking Move 2011 with OpenWorks—

Nvidia’s 3D Vision Pro solution leverages its Fermi architecture and Quadro GPUs to hike computational simulation eight fold. OEMs using the new technology include Dell, HP, Lenovo, and NextComputing. The top of the range, 36 megapixel Quadro Plex 7000 carries s a $14,500 price tag.

Lodz, Poland headquartered CAS has released a free OPC UA Viewer for integrators and developers to connect to OPC UA servers, read data and browse the model structure. CAS also provides an online OPC UA handbook— and

The 8.1 release of Visual Sciences Group’s Open Inventor includes support for OpenCL-based computation and geo-referenced objects using the X3D GeoVRML specifications. The system is a native implementation for Linux and Windows and performance has been optimized for Nvidia’s Quadro Plex—

Quorum Business Solutions has released a gas plant accounting and allocation forecasting module, Quorum Forecasting, for prediction of current and future production month processing results using volume extrapolation algorithms and margin analysis tools—

Roxar’s RMS 2010.1 now includes seismic volume visualization and new quality control for property models—

The new Sitrans FST020 clamp-on flowmeter from Siemens promises 1-2 % accuracy and ease of deployment—

P2 Energy Solutions’ Tobin Enterprise Land 3.2 includes complex acreage scenarios with overlapping leases of varying depths as are encountered in US shale plays—

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