Oilfield business intelligence for Netezza appliances

Operations and maintenance leverages Composite Software’s ‘data virtualization.’

Exhibiting at last month’s PNEC, Composite Software described some of the work it has been doing for a Gulf of Mexico client and for Shell/ExxonMobil’s Aera Energy joint venture. Some digital oilfield operators (such as BP—Oil IT Journal September 2008) have deployed Netezza Performance Servers (NPS) running data warehouse applications to support offshore operations. One such client asked Composite Software to build a business intelligence layer atop multiple Netezza appliances, federating data into larger enterprise data sharing efforts.

Use cases supported by Composite’s business intelligence solutions include a ‘virtual’ well maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) combining rig status, staffing availability, best practice procedures, maintenance records and flow rates to support real-time dispatching of repair resources.

The Aera Energy example blends real time data streams with historical data from over 10,000 producing wells, optimizing deployment of repair crews and equipment. Composite data virtualization here includes SAP’s maintenance management system with historical surface, subsurface, and business data from the enterprise data warehouse.

Last month, Netezza and Composite announced the Netezza Data Virtualizer (NDV), a ‘whitelabelled’ appliance powered by Composite’s software. The NDV will be licensed and supported by Netezza and available later in the year. More from jperreault@compositesw.com.

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