Process design on an iPad?

RedTree’s Alph process designer brings subset of VMG’s compounds database to the Apple iPad.

As the release asks, ‘Would you want to do serious process design on your phone?’ Alph, RedTree Development’s process calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch (Oil IT Journal Jan 2010) showed that modern smart phones are capable of solving sophisticated flowsheet and distillation problems. But some engineers still doubt the smart phone’s capacity to do ‘real work.’

RedTree thinks the 1.3 Alph release, which now runs on a Apple iPad may change such perceptions. RedTree president Craig Morris (the original author of the Hysim process simulator) said ‘The iPad just seems like more of a work device and is friendlier for fat fingered folk. And with eight times as much screen area as the iPhone, the iPad certainly provides a much less cramped workspace.’

The program embeds a subset of the ‘industry proven’ thermodynamics in Virtual Materials Group’s database of compounds along with the Peng Robinson and Steam95 property packages. Not quite a replacement for enterprise class simulators but a useful tool for light hydrocarbon and petro-chemical problem solving and an introduction to VMGSim—the high end tool. More from and

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