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Barcoding’s e-Action—wearable shutdown device. RigNet comms for Seahawk Drilling.

Barcoding Inc. has just received a US patent for ‘e-Action,’ a wireless, internet-based system for alert transmission and action. Designed to be worn or carried by the user, e-Action transmits critical commands from any location on the worksite. The system enables an individual who witnesses an emergency or spots dangerous irregularities to immediately stop all mechanical systems. In addition to manual control and override by a user, the e-Action system can be configured to detect and react to pre-defined physical or biological parameters. Corrective action can be taken when such baselines are exceeded, shutting down equipment immediately.

Originally designed for use in manufacturing and distribution, the customizable solution is adaptable to other users of heavy machinery including oil and gas drilling and production. e-Action, which was developed by Steinmetz and engineering consultant Larry Cuthie, will be available in late 2010. More from www.barcoding.com.

Seahawk Drilling has signed with Houston-based RigNet for the provision of managed communications for its fleet of offshore rigs including telephony and internet services. Seahawk is also utilizing RigNet’s ‘TurboNet’ service, that leverages Riverbed’s Application Accelerator appliance to improve performance of applications running over high latency satellite links. More from www.rig.net.

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