Paradigm ports to Windows 7—thanks to Nokia Qt

Migration of seismic to simulation suite responds to demand from clients’ IT departments.

Paradigm has unveiled its plans for a 64 bit Windows 7 version of its ‘seismic-to-reservoir’ application suite along with its Epos integration and interoperability framework. The Windows version will offer the same look and feel as Paradigm’s Linux offering. The update complements existing Windows versions of Paradigm software for structural and reservoir modeling and engineering, formation evaluation, geological cross-section and correlation and drilling engineering. Paradigm CTO Duane Dopkin said, ‘Our track record of delivering modeling, geological, formation evaluation and drilling solutions on Windows has allowed us to leverage in-house expertise to help with the port.’

Phil Neri, Paradigm’s head of marketing, told Oil IT Journal, ‘The move to Windows follows demand from some of our clients whose IT departments are driving the move from Linux. Not all companies are doing this however. We achieve the Windows port thanks to Nokia’s Qt cross platform development kit. We are fundamentally a multi-platform company. Windows 7 is just another port for us, the heavy lifting has already been done by Qt. And our EPOS data infrastructure is very good at hiding multi-OS dependencies.’ Paradigm’s roadmap envisages product availability on Winds 7 by mid 2011. More from

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