Going going ... green!

Honeywell’s greenhouse gas management program. Statoil’s Gjøa project. LianDi Clean Technology.

Honeywell has announced a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management offering, a portfolio of energy services that use ongoing measurement, monitoring and real-time emissions data to meet sustainability goals and meet the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations covering organizations that produce more than 25,000 metric tons of GHGs per year. Few organizations have the in-house resources needed to catalog current emissions and even fewer have the ability to use the information to develop a strategic plan to reduce their environmental footprint. The service offers monitoring and reporting, web-based dashboards that pull real-time data into a single view and communications tools and support. Honeywell also helps clients sell offsets, carbon credits, and renewable energy credits.

Statoil threw the switch on its Gjøa project this month—heralding Norway’s first floating platform to get electricity from the mainland. The company plans to avoid 210,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year by providing the Gjøa platform with electric power from the shore. A 90,000-volt, 100km long cable links Gjøa to the mainland. ABB helped Statoil develop the technology that replaces 40 megawatts of gas turbine power generation.

Beijing-based LianDi Clean Technology has announced two new software sales to Karamay Petrochemical Company and Fushun Petrochemical Company. LianDi’s dynamic simulation training system will be used to ‘improve utilization and increase energy efficiency’. The deals amount to $2.7 million.

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