And the outlook is ... cloudy!

Tibco and Erdas and ESRI move offerings to the cloud: silver linings or pie in the sky?

Tibco has announced a new ‘Silver Spotfire’ offering of business intelligence and analytics from the compute cloud. Silver supports remote creation of custom dashboards, data visualization and reports. According to Tibco, the cloud paradigm brings a ‘social’ dimension to business intelligence—adding collaboration and sharing of data, reports and calculations. Silver integrates with social media, allowing users to embed live dashboards into their business blogs and online articles.’ Silver Spotfire is available at no charge for the first year. Monthly hosting options are available for ongoing usage thereafter. More from

Erdas has released ‘Apollo on the Cloud’ (AOC), a cloud-based geospatial data management and delivery solution. A turnkey, pay-as-you-go solution, AOC lets organizations maintain entire geospatial serving operations in a secure, scalable environment, eliminating the need for in-house hardware, IT head count and expertise. President Joel Campbell said, ‘Many GIS users do not have the capability or infrastructure to support a geospatial server. AOC brings a cloud-based geospatial solution to this group of customers.’ AOC is a hosted version of Erdas’ Apollo geospatial data management solution. Erdas has plans for more cloud-based offerings in the future. More from

ESRI’s ArcGIS Server is now available on the Amazon EC2 cloud. Preconfigured ‘virtual’ images of ArcGIS Server running on the cloud are available to licensed ESRI customers on request. More from

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