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WITSML 1.4.1, SEG Geophysical Best Practices, W3C Rule Interchange, Madagascar DVD.

Energistics is inviting comment on Version 1.4.1 of its WITSML well data transfer standard. The new release sees extension of the data footprint with a well fracturing service and ‘StimJob’ data object. This provides a ‘comprehensive summary’ of stimulation operation and can be scaled to allow the required amount of detail for service company or operator reporting. This object within WITSML provides the opportunity to expand the range of workflows available to assist wellbore construction operations. Comments on the new release are due by September. Energistics expects the new version to be published in December. More from


The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) is forming a Technical Section to establish guidelines for ‘Best Practices in Geophysical Data Management.’ Troika’s Jill Lewis considers that the initiative has ‘critical mass’ and invites interested parties to contact her to join. More from


The W3C has published a new standard for web based ‘rule systems.’ The Rule Interchange Format (RIF) was developed to provide cross system interoperability. More from


A live DVD with the open source Madagascar seismic processing package installed is available at

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